Balancing Act: I

                     Exactly like a circus, life keeps us on our toes. Weirded out by the sight of some parts and in awe of others, life is but an ever changing rollercoaster of perspective and emotions. Finding a balance in life is what I consider to be the basis of success. If you have balance, you have a sense of limits and a control over the animalistic ways of your younger self. When you have found a balance in different areas of your life, you have mastered the concept but realize that part of it is working at it every day and becoming of it, a habit. With that habit, we can begin to focus on other things that enrich us deeper than what we know.


Being in your twenties, living & working in Los Angeles is absolutely impossible at times to do so without your occasionally alcoholic week. It's living in the city where trouble is lurking around every corner. If you are living here you most likely share in the love of debauchery. This city is for those who like to play. There's always something going on, every night of the week can be a full production night out and some of the most exclusive parties or events are right at your fingertips. This Hollywood lifestyle that consumes so many and surrounds all of us regardless like helicopter wings every where we go. Parties are made to feel exclusive, dinner is another level competition fashion show- the nightlife in LA is unreal. How do you not put on a sexy ass outfit, go out  (almost) every night of the week and meet new people from all walks of life. You're in your twenties, this is what I should be doing!! Right? No not right. 
Sure, I love going out. I will never not go out and enjoy myself but there's a balance to find between what you can and can't handle, what you have to do tomorrow and what you can't do if you're too hungover to do it. Most recently I quit drinking alcohol for 30 days. It was single-handedly one of the most beneficial things I ever did for myself. I always wanted to be healthier but I was always putting it off because I didn't give it so much importance. I was inspired by my alcohol hiatus and jumpstarting everything in one go. Everyone kept asking me, "Oh are you cleansing?!" and I was but I wasn't. I was doing a mental cleanse more than anything. My physical health was a factor but it was more about finding a balance in myself with substances and going out. Why do I feel the need to always drink when I go out, why do I snowball the night away sometimes and get so fucked up I can't do things properly the next day? So I decided then and there I was going to transcend and move on to the next chapter and find new things to balance out in my life.
Out of those 30 days, I worked out 22 of those days ate pretty healthy. Cut out all extra sugar that I tended to have like desserts and candy. I was making healthier choices and just kept the ball rolling by starting to drink a lot more water. After the thirty days were over, I didn't drink right away. I didn't do it on purpose but I just didn't feel the need to drink anymore. I meditated those thirty days on what it meant for me to feel the need to drink in certain social situations. As well as how I was too hard on myself for having fun and would make myself not go out for weeks, fermenting inside a demon from hell that wanted to risk it all for a Saturday night and would do so after self imploding. In finding the root of two problems, I found what I wanted from myself in social situations. Instead I now operate with intention to relate or find experiences with myself or others. Rather than letting the experiences be fueled by substances. I make sure that I go out regularly and feed my soul in different ways but I don't really feel the need to drink anymore. It's been two months since my 30 days and my perspective keeps changing into ways to benefit me better. I am meditating and finding new ways to improve myself, every day and that in itself feels like thriving.