There’s so much pressure to have an online presence in our present day. A pressure to be a version of what the world perceives as “happy”. A version of ourselves that we can market, create content around in order to relate to others so we can get more likes and followers. But we’re not actually relating to each other. Are we? We're just relating to each others projections. Your ‘internet self’, the projection of ourselves that we put up on the internet. It’s the highlight sizzle reel of who you are. We live in 2018, where everyone has an internet presence and everyone has the potential to be famous by the tap of their fingertips. Social media has given us that power. We can communicate with our loved ones and with the world all at once. If someone doesn’t exist on social media we tend to ponder about what their life must be like, intrigued by a moment not plagued by numerical validation….they are an enigma.
We get all caught up in that facade that we forget to really see each other. We remain caught up in the projections and set the most unfair expectations for ourselves. Amongst the worst of them, that we should have our shit together already and automatically be happy. Social media numbs us and makes us forget that we are human. Because being vulnerable is hard. It is time consuming, mentally and emotionally exhausting, oh-god forbid you share that with the world. Why can’t our internet self and real life self be the same self-respecting person? What makes the parts of life you experience pain in, embarrassing or shameful? It’s so important to start to bring to light the things we struggle with so that we may connect with one another better. Be there for one another and help ourselves heal instead of just creating more wounds.
Social media is constantly telling us what we should like and what we should look like. It begs to go down a deeper hole and ask ourselves, are we actually enjoying the things we’re doing or are we being conditioned to do so? Has present day ideology skewed us from the real important things in life, like spiritual riches? Man kind has skewed very far from mother nature and I believe that is exactly where we started to go terribly wrong. The key to our spiritual freedom lies in our connection with nature. The more we thrive to be connected to ourselves, to one another and to nature the more we will be present in our bodies, and in our minds.